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You can Vote However you like!!!

October 29, 2008

I’m so so so in love with the 5th graders from the Ron Clark Academy. They’ve taken TI’s “Whatever you Like”, changed the lyrics and made it applicable to the 2008 presidential election. The song is not only fun and cute it’s completely bi-partisan(which is mare than we can say for the stuff adults put into the media). Their teacher deserves a big fat raise for being filled with AWESOMENESS!! it takes a lot of work to get people involved in the politcal process. He’s found a way to teach the kids while making it fun for them. KUDOS!
BTW the Kids were on CNN too.


A Great Black man-Songs for my Grandpa in Eflat

March 18, 2008

In all of my blogs about relationships and stuff, I purposely make a distinction between males and “good men.” In the course of me writing and talking to people, I’ve been asked (mainly by males) What is a good man? I really had to think about it, because there is no blanket answer. I’ve every guy I’ve dated was a good guy, but not necessarily a good man. Some guys are good men but just because he’s a good guy doesn’t make him the right good man you me (or you). So what is a good man?
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